Amicures has organized a very successful Continuing Medical Education (CME) Conference on “Updates in Medicine for Neurology“. The CME was arranged on October 16, 2014 in All India Institutes of Medical Sciences, Patna. Over 120 Doctors have attended the conference and contributed their knowledge. Renowned speakers like Dr. Nitish kumar MD, Neurology, Dr. Anil Kumar Yadav( Director, AIIMS ) and Dr. J.K.L Das (Dept. of Medicine, PMCH) were actively participated and make the Doctors aware about the Tremor and other abnormal movements confine to one part of the body or cover the whole body. Point of discussion was how to approach a patient presenting with such type of abnormal movement. Further, how to define the site of lesion in control was also discussed. Amicures thanks to Dr. Ravikirti and Dr. Kalyan to provide this opportunity. We plan to arrange various such awareness programs in future and support the medical fraternity to help the society.