Amicures Research Pvt. Ltd. having its registered office at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, is an Intellectual Property (IP) oriented research based Pharmaceutical Company, established and supported by renowned Medical Practitioners, Scientists, and IP attorneys. Amicures is dedicated to improve factors of human health by focusing towards innovative research in the field of free radicals, nano-particles and antioxidants to provide health and longevity to the humans. Amicures incorporates advanced technology to achieve very high standards of research while finding the solutions to lifestyle disorders such as cancer, obesity, ageing, allergy and stress.

Amicures aims to serve the humanity by production of essential drugs at affordable prices, along with innovative products and generic medicines. While providing innovative and generic products, strictly adhere to national and international quality standards. Our manufacturing units are approved by Regulatory Authorities. To tap a wide range of potential, Amicures is having a diverse association with premier Research Institutions in India and abroad to develop innovative products and satisfy the human health care requirements.

Amicures is engaged in involving the best talent and innovative brains to reach its goals of producing targeted and personalized health care services in a substantially cost effective way. We also wish to move towards a lifestyle of preventive measures minimizing the requirement of treatment, by providing multi facet health care solutions. For this, Amicures has a unique way of acquiring talent and diversifying experience from industry by merging research skill with Intellectual Property (IP) and modern technology.

Our approach is to focus on IP oriented R&D using the new tools of Information Technology and Bioinformatics enabling production houses to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Amicures is also engaged in maximizing the approach of its products and services, by actively using social media and technology to connect with prescribers and consumers more effectively. This enables us to provide targeted and personalized services to the consumers and cater to their need effectively and efficiently.

Amicures is growing very fast in India and is on the way to expand globally very soon. We aspire to become one of the best pharmaceutical companies to deliver safe and high quality drugs, improving longevity, in line with health care needs at a reasonable and affordable price.